EelamWear is a social enterprise that enables people to give back to the North and East of Sri Lanka by purchasing apparel that connects Eelam Tamils to their homeland. 

We have worked alongside Tamil artists throughout the globe to produce fashionable pieces which make a statement about the pride and adversity within us.

You feel good wearing our clothing because of the quality, look and the overall positive impact you are making. 

Our Vision

We will be recognised internationally as the premium clothing brand for Eelam Tamils who want to give back to our people in style. 

Our Mission

To provide a platform to renew confidence in our identity as Eelam Tamils and start conversations about how the Tamil Diaspora can give back and empower fellow Tamils in the North and East of Sri Lanka. 

Our Core Values

Liberation: Liberating our people from the oppression they have faced over decades.

Pride: Being proud of who we are and where we hail from. Centuries of ancestral culture and teachings should continue to be carried with love and passion. 

Reflection: Reflecting on the struggles and adversity our people have faced.  Remembering that our parents have gone through great battles to give us the life we have in the diaspora. 

Education: Raise awareness of the rich history and culture of Tamils and outlining the significance of our language to those around us and the future generation of Tamils.

Empowerment: Empowering diaspora Tamils by instilling a feeling of pride whilst wearing symbols of Tamils. Empowering Tamils back home by supporting education, livelihood, rehabilitation within families and communities in the North and East of Sri Lanka.